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The Jonathan Crane Kink Meme
Recent Entries 
Pink posting again. Sorry! Two things to shortly address.

1. The current ratio of unfulfilled requests to fulfilled requests is 7:1. Of 32 requests, there are 28 yet to be fulfilled. That said, it would be courteous of you to please at least try to write or draw for a request if you make one. A kink meme runs on give and take, not just take! Go here for the full list of requests waiting to be filled.

2. A question arose recently about crossovers and though they are discouraged, they are accepted. Also, this is a kink meme. All requests must contain a pairing and a kink. Intercourse by its dictionary definition doesn't have to happen, but just talking is not a kink. This is not a pairing meme, my friends. It is for the hot and the dirty. If you have fic requests, you can make them here at darkknightfic.

That said, let's all give a hand for those who have already begun fulfilling!
evil ☛ lucas lee ( nazi? well see )
7th-Sep-2008 08:17 pm - Affiliates

Go visit our lufferly affiliates, if you'd like. =D Just take a peek at anything that interests you.

If you'd like to affiliate with us, just drop me a PM or comment here, 'kay?


Fun community here; it's a Batman Drabble Challenge. You sign up, join a team (heros, civillians, or villains *go, villains, go! -is biased-*, and write drabbles to score points for your team. A new challenge is put up every week.


It's like Fandom!Secrets, only... Batman style. Which makes it automatically cool. xD


A community for anything and everything Joker/Scarecrow.
Cooking with Dita <3~
7th-Sep-2008 03:18 pm - Mod Post: Layout, New Rule
Apologies to those who had trouble reading the script with the last layout. I hadn't checked the comment boxes, and I was under the impression it was the entry text that was the problem. The layout has been changed and customized comment pages have been disabled. If there are any more problems, please message me.

On a modlier note, I must ask that you please only reply to comments with completed requests. Please do not reply saying “seconded!” or “I’ll try” or anything but a reply. I’m sorry, but wading through a lot of superfluous comments makes archiving the requests very difficult. It might also lead others to believe the request has already been filled. And remember, even if someone’s already fulfilled a prompt you’ve found interesting, you can still write or draw for it!

Thank you so much. Sorry to be a ballbuster.
evil ☛ lucas lee ( nazi? well see )
5th-Sep-2008 10:11 pm - the Kink Meme

Okey-doo. To start, rules:

1.) Pick your pairing, and your kink. Please put pairings in dominant/submissive format.


2.) You can post requests anonymously, if you wish to, but you don't have to. Same goes for authors/artists fulfilling the requests.

3.) Don't be obnoxious. That means, no being rude, bitchy, pissy, any of that. 'Kay? 'Kay.

4.)  One request per comment. If you have three requests, yay! Just post them in three seperate comments.

5.) Requests can be either for fic *or* art. Specify what you want- fic, art, or either.

6.) When fulfilling a request, post it as a reply to the original request that you're fulfilling.

7.) Please only reply to comments with completed requests. Please do not reply saying “seconded!” or “I’ll try” or anything but a reply

If you have any questions, just PM me or any of the other maintainers. We're nice. We don't bite often. =D

Stuff you write for here can be posted anywhere and everything else. Just, provide a link back here, so other people can go nuts and contribute, too.

Since this is a new community, try to pimp it and whore it around everywhere. The more people participate and know about this, the better.

Sooo, go!

Cooking with Dita <3~
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